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Campus Recruitment

Panhellenic Formal Recruitment occurs during 0 Week each fall quarter. After registering online, you will have the opportunity to attend events at each of the Panhellenic chapter houses. Throughout the week, by a process of mutual selection, both chapters and potential new members will narrow their choices. While you might not get your favorite choice, all of our UCLA chapters have something to offer and potential new members are strongly encouraged to keep an open mind.

A majority of women obtain membership through this process; however qualifying chapters may also have opportunities to join outside of this time period and throughout the year.

Recruitment for Fall 2018 will be held from September 25th through September 30th. 


  • Be yourself! The girls want to get to know the genuine YOU
  • Get to know all the chapters. Don't be afraid to ask questions, each chapter likes women who are willing to learn more about their sorority
  • Keep an open mind. Dismiss the stereotypes and form your own opinions and thoughts about the chapter
  • Trust the process. Recruitment is carefully planned to give every individual an equal opportunity to find their perfect house
  • Stick with it. At times, recruitment may seem stressful, but have fun with it because the reward of a new sisterhood is well worth!
  • Enjoy yourself!
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