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Letter from FRC & RMVP

As Recruitment & Marketing Vice President and Formal Recruitment Chair, it is our pleasure to welcome you to the Alpha Chi Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi!
To all prospective members, congratulations on being accepted to UCLA! We are so excited for you to go through Formal Recruitment and find the sorority where you will make life-long friends. When we went through Recruitment, we were looking for a home away from home. We wanted to meet young women who reminded us of our dear friends from home; girls who we could laugh and be silly with, girls to go out and have fun with, and most importantly, girls who we could trust and who would support us whenever we needed it most. 
The sisters of Alpha Delta Pi are leaders on campus, sports enthusiasts, philanthropists, and passionate women who want to make a difference in the LA community. We are in our chapter for a lifetime, we live for each other. 
Formal Recruitment is an incredible opportunity for you to see what our sisterhood is all about and how you can find your own home at UCLA. Our sisters are so excited to welcome you into our home and to start getting to know you! We both cannot imagine what out college years would have been like without the fun, unforgettable memories we have made with our sisters in Alpha Delta Pi. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share our sisterhood with you this Fall!
If you have any additional questions regarding Formal Recruitment or our sisterhood, please feel free to email us at
Pi Love, 
Asia Blevins & Payton Boere
Recruitment & Marketing Vice President and Formal Recruitment Chair
Alpha Chi Chapter | Alpha Delta Pi

Please send letters of recommendation and legacy forms to:
Attn: Asia Blevins & Payton Boere
Alpha Delta Pi
808 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90024
For more information about the formal recruitment process, please visit

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